Elexoma™ Medic


Do you want a rapid solution to stress? Is worry wearing you down? When last did you laugh from your heart (or your belly, for that matter)? If you’re anything like me, you are burning the candle at three ends and using a blow torch to do so. The pace of life is so hectic that our bodies (and brains!) cannot cope with all the demands. As a result, we see an explosion in people suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, sleeplessness, anger attacks, chronic headaches – you name it. Try as we might, we are not able to turn the clock back. Actually, the demands just keep on growing and the clock keeps ticking faster.


Fortunately, an astonishingly elegant solution is now available. It helped me and I am sure it will help you. A simple yet extremely powerful device that has no less than three Nobel prizes backing it up! It is called the Elexoma Medic and it is turning lives around.


The body is an electric organ. In fact, that is where the name “Elexoma” comes from. It is a combination of “Elec” for “electricity” and “soma”, the Greek word for “body”.


What are the benefits of using Elexoma Medic?

  • Chemical free – A safe and effective drug-free solution with no toxic side-effects , Elexoma Medic provides an alternative to prescription drugs.
  • Cost-effective – Our rental contract ensures that monthly costs remain stable, unlike the fluctuating prices of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the device can pay for itself in less than a year in respect of savings on pharmaceuticals.
  • Peace of mind – Elexoma Medic™ is backed by the highly professional, friendly and efficient team at Integrow Health (Pty) Ltd.
  • Convenient, versatile and portable – Elexoma Medic ™ is powered by rechargeable batteries used in clinical, home health-care, sports and occupational medicine applications and can be carried in a case attached to a belt.
  • Performance maintained – The Modulation Technique application prevents the body cells from becoming immune (“used”) to long-term treatment and ensures that effective results are achieved even with long-term use.
  • Comfort – This unique concept allows patients to obtain Elexoma Medic for limited or extended periods to use in the comfort of their homes.
  • Safety – Minimal side effects reported.
  • Affordability – Over the period of a year or two, the options provided by Elexoma Medic ™ cost significantly less than many prescription drugs.