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CES increases daytime vigilance, but it also helps people to sleep deeper and more restfully at night. This is very useful for people who have difficulty falling asleep, or who wake up in the middle of the night and then struggle to fall asleep again. However, restoring sleep in cases where a person has been suffering from sleeplessness for months or years is not easy. If you suffer from long-term sleep problems, you may have to treat yourself for a number of months before you notice any real difference.


One study reported an average 67% effectiveness in treating sleeping disorders among 648 patients, while increasing daytime vigilance. – Smith RB, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. 2007, pp 37-43. In other words, two out of three people suffering from insomnia reported sleeping normally after CES treatment.


Sleeplessness is a big problem in our city-dwelling population. Electrotherapy has been clinically shown to significantly relieve the symptoms of insomnia by helping people fall asleep faster, fall asleep again when waking in the middle of the night, sleeping longer and sleeping deeper. Many people have successfully used the Elexoma to wean themselves off sleeping pills and are sleeping quite well now.


Headache and Migraines

CES is remarkably beneficial in the prevention and treatment of headaches, including migraines. The next time you experience a headache, run programme 1 and see how the headache disappears in a matter of minutes. If you suffer from regular headaches, treat yourself daily and you will find the regularity, duration AND intensity of the headaches steadily decreasing over one or two months. Persist with daily treatment for a couple of months and your regular headaches could be something of the past. 



CES was found to be two times more effective in treating depression than the most effective antidepressant drugs on the market. In fact, CES treatment is 3 times as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac) in the curing of depression, compared to placebo (fake treatment).


– Gilula MF, Kirsch DF, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Review: A Safer Alternative to Psychopharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Depression, J Neurotherapy, 2005: 9(2), pp 7-26.




Stress Stress is a killer. You already know this deeply. Not only does stress paralyse you at critical moments (costing you your exam, your clients or your career – or maybe even your life), but it unleashes anger and frustration that damage relationships, sometimes forever. And we all know too well what stress does to the heart and to the rest of the body – what should be soft gets hard and vice versa… Stress also messes with our brains – big time.


Stress damages the brain’s ability to

  1. absorb information,
  2. process information,
  3. retain information,
  4. recall information and
  5. present information.

That’s pretty much everything you wanted to do with your brain today! If you can’t focus, you miss critical information and so you end up taking decisions based on incomplete evidence. That might even prove fatal.


Keeping your head up when your job’s getting you down. If stress is getting you down, you are not alone. Three out of four Americans surveyed in 2007 reported that work caused them stress and many / most of these reported that the stress caused them to experience

  • tiredness,
  • headaches,
  • muscle
  • tension,
  • irritability,
  • anger,
  • de-motivation,
  • listlessness,
  • sadness and
  • nervousness.

The Elexoma Medic is the ideal tool to get you moving rapidly and keep you moving. Stop stressing and start living! 


Attention Span

CES also increases your attention span. One study showed a remarkable 382% increase in attention and concentration span after a single treatment. In other words, you become more vigilant and aware of your surroundings during and after a CES treatment. There are many applications of this phenomenon, for example in sports where the athlete has to concentrate intently (e.g., archery, gymnastics, golf) or during studying. People with shortened attention span can also benefit from CES treatment.



CES also increases the levels of serotonin in the CSF. Serotonin is one of your brain’s “feel good” messengers. If you have more serotonin floating in the CSF, it means your brain is in a good mood. One study showed a 61% increase in CSF-serotonin after only a single 20 minute treatment. This effect isn’t always clearly noticeable, but that is because of the way we rationalise our experiences. I’ve lost count of the number of times clients tell me, “I’m not sure if it’s the Elexoma, but I’m feeling really great since I started using it!” The effect is subtle, but undeniable. And the effect lasts for a couple of days after a single treatment – that’s powerful. So, to enhance your mood and to cope with stress, CES is a marvellous tool. It won’t “override” your personality or circumstances, but it will give you that extra little boost that often is all you need to get through a really hectic day.


Attention-Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD)

Even though the existence of the “disorder” itself is still in dispute in some medical circles, this has not stopped an entire industry from developing around this “disorder”. The Elexoma Medic is able to rapidly increase concentration span and improves all aspects of memory (memorising, retention and recall). It has been successfully used by dozens of school-going children to improve attention span and concentration, leading to drastically improved results. It must be emphasised, however, that the Elexoma Medic is no replacement for hard work, it simply helps the hard work to pay off. No technology on earth can provide motivation – that comes from within.



The Elexoma also works like magic for jetlag – simply treat yourself to Programme 1 before you depart, halfway through your journey and then after arrival at your destination (just before going to sleep). Within one day, your sleep-wake cycle will be back to normal.


Energy and Mental Alertness

Following CES treatment, most people feel more alert, more cognitively aware, and have much more energy. They often enter treatment complaining that they feel tense, worn out, listless, sad, on edge, restless, unable to concentrate, and discouraged, to use some of their typical self descriptions. After three weeks of treatment with CES, 30 minutes to one hour per day, they say that they now feel friendly, clear-headed, lively, active, energetic, cheerful, alert, full of pep, and vigorous. Their cognitive confusion is now cleared up, and their fatigue and listlessness seem to be a thing of the past.



Even if you buy the Elexoma for use on your body (such as for chronic pain), I recommend that you use the CES function, too. Why? Studies have shown a 92% increase in endorphins in the CSF. Endorphins are the body’s own pain-killers and the CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) is the fluid that cushions the brain and spinal cord. Such an increase thus indicates that the production of endorphins in the brain has nearly doubled. As a result, pain perception virtually halves. Pain is a complex phenomenon and it has a large central (brain) component. Pain is not just caused by an injury, but also by the way the brain interprets pain signals coming from the injury site. If the brain is chock-full of endorphins, it will ignore much of the pain impulses coming from the injury site.


Please note what this means: It does NOT mean that the cause of the pain has been addressed, only that the pain itself has been subdued. In other words, CES treatment for pain is symptomatic, not curative. OK, painkillers do the same – they relieve the sensation of pain without addressing the cause of the pain. The difference is that painkillers have other side effects, some of them delaying wound healing. Other effects could even be fatal (such as stomach ulcers or blood dysfunctions). CES has none of these side effects, so you get the benefits without the damages of painkillers.


Parkinson’s Disease

Clinical studies have shown little or no benefit for the use of CES in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and its symptoms. However, many anecdotes support the use of CES in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. It can alleviate tremors and help the facial muscles to remain functional for much longer.


Wound healing

To assist wound healing in recent wounds, you can use either programme 2 or 4. These two programmes are identical in all respects, except in their duration (15 min vs 25 min). Treat for longer time for larger wounds. One treatment per day is all that is needed, but you can treat for longer or more often a day if you wish.


Example: Surgery – if you are going in for elective surgery, treat the area to be cut a few hours BEFORE you go into theatre, and then daily after surgery.


Electrode placement: Any placement that brackets the injured site is good. It does not even have to be close to the wound site, as long as the current flows through the wound site.


Healing chronic wounds: Use programme 3 and bracket the wound site with the electrodes. Again, the electrodes do not need to be close to the wound site, as long as the current flows through the injured area. Once a day is enough. You should see significant results within four to six weeks.


Muscle injuries

For acute muscle injuries, use programme 5. If programme 5 does not help much within the first day, proceed to programme 8. Programme 8 is identical to programme 5, except that it allows you to use much higher intensities of current (which penetrate deeper into the muscle). For larger muscle groups and larger injuries, programme 8 will be the better option. Programme 8 is also useful when more than one site needs to be treated.



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